New Member Info

Welcome to Fox Cities Composite Squadron!

We understand that during your first few weeks as a member we share a lot of information with you. As the weeks turn into months it will become easier and you will see how all of that information works together. We encourage you to learn your Chain of Command; they will help you with any questions you may have as you navigate meetings! There is also the FCCS Cadet Orientation Course Book that will be your primary resource while you are in Basic Cadet Training – you will receive this book from your Flight Commander!

Within the first 2-3 meetings our Supply Officer will attempt to put together both a blues uniform and ABUs. All Uniform information is covered in detail in CAPM39-1; which you can find here: CAP Members: CAPM 39-1 (Uniform Manual)
This regulation is the final word on all uniform questions. Since Civil Air Patrol (CAP) is making the transition to ABUs (Airman Battle Uniform), members can wear either BDUs or ABUs. The information on ABU wear can be found here: CAP Member – ABU Regulations

As a squadron we put an emphasis on wearing our uniforms properly and always representing Civil Air Patrol in a professional manner. All Air Force style uniforms must be worn in accordance with the height/weight and grooming standards found in CAPM 39-1; found below:

Uniform Wear – Weight Standards

Grooming Standards

If you are a new Cadet, please visit the Cadet Uniform Page to see each specific item needed for a proper uniform.
If you are a new Senior member, please visit the Officer Uniform Page to find specific uniform items.