Ground Team 3 – Prerequisites

Ground Team Member 3 is an important qualification for those interested in assisting with the Civil Air Patrol search and rescue/disaster relief missions. The following list will explain some of the requirements needed in order to become GT qualified:

  • Requirement 1: Complete the FEMA IS-100 and IS-700 courses online on the FEMA website. To do this you will need a FEMA Student ID, you can get one on FEMA’s website. Please note that CAP does not have control over these courses or your FEMA student account. You can take the courses at these links. IS-100 IS-700. Each course will take you roughly 3 hours.
  • Requirement 2: If you have not already, you will need to complete the General Emergency Services test and ICUT (Introductory Communications User Training)
    • GES: This test has an online test only and is open book. You can find it on E-Services under the Learning Management System.
    • ICUT: This test has two parts, a online test with a video and the hands on part, which will be conducted by the Communications Officer. You will need to contact your chain of command to get this arranged.
  • Requirement 3: Finally, you will have to pack 24 and 72 hour packs. The full packing list can be found here (PDF).