Fox Cities promotions skyrocket during the fourth quarter

Cadets as well as Senior Members are strongly encouraged to promote in each of their programs. Cadets must complete a Drill Test, Physical Fitness Test, Aerospace Test, and Leadership Test, as well as attend a monthly safety briefing and character development class. For this quarters cadet promotions we have many cadets getting their first promotion which is a requirement to attend encampment. Also Cadet Staff Sergeant Aschenbrenner earned his Wright Brothers Award which is a big milestone in the cadet program. The following is the list of Cadets and Senior Members who have earned promotions in the fourth-quarter (October-December).

Cadet First Lieutenant Voelker
Cadet First Lieutenant Bastian
Cadet Chief Master Sergeant Steeneporte
Cadet Chief Master Sergeant Coulombe
Cadet Master Sergeant Matthew Peroutka
Cadet Master Sergeant Jerred
Cadet Technical Sergeant Andrew Peroutka
Cadet Staff Sergeant Aschenbrenner
Cadet Senior Airman Weaver
Cadet Airman 1st Class Schumacher
Cadet Airman 1st Class Tuchscherer
Cadet Airman Gresens
Cadet Airman Hoffmann
Cadet Airman Litkey
Cadet Airman Weir

Senior Members
Flight Officer Nicholas Zinke

-Cadet Master Sergeant Matthew Peroutka

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