3rd Quarter Promotions

Cadets as well as Senior Members are strongly encouraged to promote in each of their programs. Promotions within Civil Air Patrol are a way for our members to know they have done a “job well done”. Cadets must complete a Drill Test, Physical Fitness Test, Aerospace Test, and Leadership Test, as well as attend a monthly safety briefing, character development class, and be active in meetings and activities. It is great to see many new cadets getting their first promotions to Cadet Airman, as this first step is required to attend an encampment. Below is the list of cadets and senior members that have promoted during the 3rd Quarter (July-September).

Cadet Master Sergeant Peroutka
Cadet Airman First Class Weaver
Cadet Airman Gonzalez
Cadet Senior Airman Aschenbrenner
Cadet Airman Schumacher
Cadet First Lieutenant Voelker

Senior Members
First Lieutenant Lisa Bastian
Captain James Lange

Let’s continue to encourage each other to complete the steps necessary to promote, learn, and develop your skills within Civil Air Patrol!

~C/MSgt Peroutka

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