2nd Quarter Promotions

An important part of the Cadet and Senior Member Programs is promoting quickly; it’s even important enough to be part of the Cadet Oath. To earn a promotion, Cadets must complete a Drill, Leadership, Physical Fitness, and Aerospace Test, attend a monthly character development class and be safety current. The following is a list of Cadets and Senior Members that have promoted during the second quarter (April-June).

Cadet 2nd Lieutenant Steeneport
Cadet 2nd Lieutenant Coulombe
Cadet 2nd Lieutenant Jerred
Cadet Master Sergeant Aschenbrenner
Cadet Technical Sergeant Schumacher
Cadet Technical Sergeant Weaver
Cadet Senior Airman Ben Ruddat
Cadet Senior Airman Dycus
Cadet Airman First Class Dijkstra
Cadet Airman First Class Brockman
Cadet Airman First Class Kopesky
Cadet Airman First Class Krabbe
Cadet Airman First Class James Ruddat
Cadet Airman First Class Halverson
Cadet Airman Blessing
Cadet Airman Brabant
Cadet Airman Johnson
Cadet Airman Graf
Cadet Airman Sepulveda
Cadet Airman Powers

Senior Members
Senior Member Scott Aschenbrenner
Senior Member Daniel Johnson
Senior Member Steven Halverson
Senior Member Douglas Jerred

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