2nd Quarter Promotions

An important part of the Cadet and Senior Member Programs is promoting quickly; it’s even important enough to be part of the Cadet Oath. To earn a promotion, Cadets must complete a Drill, Leadership, Physical Fitness, and Aerospace Test, attend a monthly character development class and be safety current. The following is a list of Cadets and Senior Members that have promoted during the second quarter (April-June).

Cadet 2nd Lieutenant Steeneport
Cadet 2nd Lieutenant Coulombe
Cadet 2nd Lieutenant Jerred
Cadet Master Sergeant Aschenbrenner
Cadet Technical Sergeant Schumacher
Cadet Technical Sergeant Weaver
Cadet Senior Airman Ben Ruddat
Cadet Senior Airman Dycus
Cadet Airman First Class Dijkstra
Cadet Airman First Class Brockman
Cadet Airman First Class Kopesky
Cadet Airman First Class Krabbe
Cadet Airman First Class James Ruddat
Cadet Airman First Class Halverson
Cadet Airman Blessing
Cadet Airman Brabant
Cadet Airman Johnson
Cadet Airman Graf
Cadet Airman Sepulveda
Cadet Airman Powers

Senior Members
Senior Member Scott Aschenbrenner
Senior Member Daniel Johnson
Senior Member Steven Halverson
Senior Member Douglas Jerred

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Local Civil Air Patrol Members Selected for Marine Corps Leadership Academy

Three local Civil Air Patrol members were recently selected for the 2018 Marine Corps Summer Leadership and Character Develop Academy to be held July 16-22 at the Marine Corps Base in Quantico, Virginia. Cadet Captain William Voelker, 16, of Pulaski, Cadet First Lieutenant Matthew Niemi, 17, of Kaukauna, and Cadet Senior Airman Emerson Dycus, 16, of Green Bay were selected for the week-long training based on their high school coursework, physical fitness, and letters of recommendation.

All three cadets are looking to use the experience gained at the Leadership and Character Development Academy towards a military career. Cadet Lieutenant Niemi is currently in the process of enlisting in the United States Air Force as a Security Force Member and both Cadet Captain Voelker and Cadet Airmen Dycus are preparing to apply to the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

During their week in Virginia, the three candidates will gain a taste of military life and be introduced to Marine Corps physical fitness, academic, field and ethics standards. They will also spend at least a day in Washington, DC. Past participants have visited the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, various members of Congress, and the Department of Education.

Captain James Lange
Public Affairs Officer
Fox Cities Composite Squadron, Civil Air Patrol

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Fox Cities to host first annual BBQ Fundraiser

2018 FCCS Cadets

On Tuesday, July 24, 2018, the Fox Cities Composite Squadron of the Civil Air Patrol will host their first annual BBQ Fundraiser. This event is open to the public and we encourage anyone who has interest in learning more about our squadron or the Civil Air Patrol missions to join us that evening. Food will be served from 5:00-9:00pm at the Fox Cities Composite Squadron, W6558 Pathfinder Drive, Appleton, WI 54914.

The public will have the opportunity to visit with our members, ask questions, get a tour of our facility and airplane. We are suggesting a $10/person donation – to cover an all you can eat buffet style BBQ. There will be extra soda and snacks for purchase. All proceeds will benefit the Cadet Program at Fox Cities Composite Squadron.

Cookout Flyer
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Niemi named Cadet Commander of Fox Cities Composite Squadron

Cadet First Lieutenant (C/1st Lt) Matthew Niemi accepted the position as Cadet Commander of Fox Cities Composite Squadron – Civil Air Patrol, during a Cadet Change of Command Ceremony on May 22, 2018.

C/1st Lt Niemi has been an active member of Fox Cities Composite Squadron since 2013. Niemi previously held the position as Cadet Deputy Commander and replaces Cadet Captain William Voelker.

As Cadet Commander, C/1st Lt Niemi is responsible for overseeing the growth of the squadrons 52 cadet members. Assisting with the administration of the Cadet Program is a huge responsibility that Phase III & IV cadets strive to achieve.

Fox Cities Composite Squadron is currently the largest squadron in the state of Wisconsin. Our Cadets and Officers (adult members) actively train in all three of the Civil Air Patrol missions; emergency services/disaster relief, aerospace education, and cadet programs. The Cadet Program focuses on advanced leadership training, aerospace education – including orientation flights, and character development. The program is open to teenage girls and boys between the ages of 12-18.

The Fox Cities Composite Squadron meets on Tuesday evenings (7:00-9:00pm) at the Civil Air Patrol training facility located on the south side of the Appleton International Airport. For more information please visit our Contact Us page or visit our Facebook page at: www.facebook.com/FoxCitiesCAP

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Voelker awarded the Earhart Award, earns promotion to Cadet Captain

Appleton, WI – Cadet Captain (C/Capt) William Voelker, was awarded the coveted Amelia
Earhart Award during the Fox Cities Composite Squadron Awards Banquet, March 6th.

The Earhart Award is accompanied by promotion to the grade of Cadet Captain.  Voelker has been in Civil Air Patrol for two and a half years and has been constantly motivated to take that “next step”. Voelker is currently the Cadet Commander of Fox Cities Composite Squadron. In his CAP career he has attended two Wisconsin Wing Summer Encampments, Region Cadet Leadership School (RCLS), and is an active member in the squadron. Now that he has earned this milestone, he is eligible to apply for participation in the International Air Cadet Exchange which he looks forward to applying to next year. “Each promotion is like a short-term goal which eventually leads up to a long-term goal such as your Wright Brothers or Billy Mitchell Award” said Voelker “If you have the motivation to reach those short-term goals every time, then eventually you will meet the long-term goal.”

To highlight the significance of this accomplishment, only 5% of cadets have earned this award since its inception in 1964. Cadets who receive this award and later enter CAP’s Senior Member program, are eligible for immediate promotion to CAP 1st Lieutenant at age 21. Cadets who receive the Amelia Earhart Award also enjoy all the benefits gained from earning the General Billy Mitchell Award (advanced placement in the grade of E-3 (Airman First Class) should they choose to enlist in the US Air Force, advanced credit in the Air Force ROTC program, and the opportunity to apply for a variety of scholarships and CAP special activities.

The Amelia Earhart Award honors the late Amelia Earhart, aviatrix, advocate, and pioneer, who set many records for women aviators in aviation’s infancy, and then disappeared in 1937 near Howland Island in the Pacific Ocean while trying to circumnavigate the world in a twin-engine Lockheed Electra. Her disappearance is one of the greatest unsolved mysteries of the 20th century. “The stars seemed near enough to touch, and never before have I seen so many, she said after one of her record-setting flights. I always believed the lure of flying is the lure of beauty, but I was sure of it that night.”

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Local Civil Air Patrol Squadron hosted Change of Command Ceremony

Appleton, Wisconsin – First Lieutenant Lisa Bastian assumed command, January 2nd, of the Civil Air Patrol’s Fox Cities Composite Squadron.

Bastian, the squadron’s former Deputy Commander for Seniors, replaces Captain James Lange, who will assume the position of Emergency Services Officer. Fox Cities was honored to have Northeast Group Commander Lieutenant Colonel John Hoffmann, Wisconsin Wing Chief of Staff for Mission Support Lieutenant Colonel Patrick Gaylord, and Wisconsin Wing Vice Commander Lieutenant Colonel Harvey Moss join them for the ceremony.

Fox Cities Composite Squadron – Civil Air Patrol is part of the all civilian, all volunteer U.S. Air Force Auxiliary; which offers a Cadet program for teenage youth between the ages of 12-18. The Cadet program includes multiple orientation flights, leadership training, and a community oriented aerospace education program. The Fox Cities Squadron also has an active Emergency Services team which aids in search and rescue and disaster relief missions.

The Fox Cities Composite Squadron meets on Tuesday evenings, 7:00-9:00pm. We are located at: W6558 Pathfinder Drive, Appleton, WI 54914, on the south side of the Appleton International Airport. For more information about the Fox Cities Composite Squadron, contact Second Lieutenant Shawn Zinke at shawnzinke@gmail.com or visit our website at www.foxcitiescap.org.

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Fox Cities promotions skyrocket during the fourth quarter

Cadets as well as Senior Members are strongly encouraged to promote in each of their programs. Cadets must complete a Drill Test, Physical Fitness Test, Aerospace Test, and Leadership Test, as well as attend a monthly safety briefing and character development class. For this quarters cadet promotions we have many cadets getting their first promotion which is a requirement to attend encampment. Also Cadet Staff Sergeant Aschenbrenner earned his Wright Brothers Award which is a big milestone in the cadet program. The following is the list of Cadets and Senior Members who have earned promotions in the fourth-quarter (October-December).

Cadet First Lieutenant Voelker
Cadet First Lieutenant Bastian
Cadet Chief Master Sergeant Steeneporte
Cadet Chief Master Sergeant Coulombe
Cadet Master Sergeant Matthew Peroutka
Cadet Master Sergeant Jerred
Cadet Technical Sergeant Andrew Peroutka
Cadet Staff Sergeant Aschenbrenner
Cadet Senior Airman Weaver
Cadet Airman 1st Class Schumacher
Cadet Airman 1st Class Tuchscherer
Cadet Airman Gresens
Cadet Airman Hoffmann
Cadet Airman Litkey
Cadet Airman Weir

Senior Members
Flight Officer Nicholas Zinke

-Cadet Master Sergeant Matthew Peroutka

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Have you taken the #75for75Challenge?

The #75for75Challenge is a structured, well-marketed fundraising campaign to encourage cadets to raise money for their local squadrons. The goal is to have each cadet who accepts the challenge raise $75 or more which will allow the cadets to earn many rewards such as a challenge coin, a free pair of ABU’s, or even a educational scholarship. Although cadets are not required to create a fundraiser, they are highly encouraged to as it will bring additional resources to their local squadron for things like color guard equipment, scholarships, recruiting materials, and uniforms. This challenge increases public visibility of the CAP Cadet Program while promoting CAP’s history and contributions to the public. Cadets in Fox Cities Composite Squadron who have already accepted the challenge include Cadet 2nd Lieutenant Bastian, Cadet 2nd Lieutenant Niemi, and Cadet Master Sergeant Peroutka. We hope that many more cadets accept this challenge as your contribution will help future cadets after the fundraiser is over. This fundraising opportunity runs through January 31, 2018! Are you ready to contribute?

To learn more about the #75for75Challenge or to create your own fundraising page, you can visit the website at: https://cap75for75.org/

-Cadet Master Sergeant Matthew Peroutka
Cadet Public Affairs Officer

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3rd Quarter Promotions

Cadets as well as Senior Members are strongly encouraged to promote in each of their programs. Promotions within Civil Air Patrol are a way for our members to know they have done a “job well done”. Cadets must complete a Drill Test, Physical Fitness Test, Aerospace Test, and Leadership Test, as well as attend a monthly safety briefing, character development class, and be active in meetings and activities. It is great to see many new cadets getting their first promotions to Cadet Airman, as this first step is required to attend an encampment. Below is the list of cadets and senior members that have promoted during the 3rd Quarter (July-September).

Cadet Master Sergeant Peroutka
Cadet Airman First Class Weaver
Cadet Airman Gonzalez
Cadet Senior Airman Aschenbrenner
Cadet Airman Schumacher
Cadet First Lieutenant Voelker

Senior Members
First Lieutenant Lisa Bastian
Captain James Lange

Let’s continue to encourage each other to complete the steps necessary to promote, learn, and develop your skills within Civil Air Patrol!

~C/MSgt Peroutka

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Fox Cities prepares for CyberPatriot Competition Round

Searching through file directories, looking for the “malicious files” that need to removed in order to secure our computer. Meticulously scanning folder by folder, yet nothing has turned up. The search continues through each program that is running, and there it is: a computer virus running on the system. Immediately we delete the virus and points are scored. This is how the Cyber Patriot competitions and practice rounds work as we go through the tasks of securing and protecting a virtual computer.

“CyberPatriot is the National Youth Cyber Education Program. At the center of CyberPatriot is the National Youth Cyber Defense Competition. The competition puts teams of high school and middle school students in the position of newly hired IT professionals tasked with managing the network of a small company.”

For each round the CyberPatriot team is given a virtual computer simulation that runs on a member’s personal computer. Members are then tasked with the security and protection of that system. Our team then works together to find the answers and fix the problems to gain points for our team. There are four separate images we get in a competition round, those being Windows, Windows Server, Linux and Cisco. In order to do them all, our team is divided into groups to work on each one more separately. The Fox Cities Composite Squadron CyberPatriot team consists of:

Cadet Second Lieutenant Matthew Niemi and Cadet Second Lieutenant Isaiah Bastian – Windows Team.
Cadet Technical Sergeant Joshua Jerred and Cadet Senior Master Sergeant Jacob Coulombe – Linux Team.
Cadet Chief Master Sergeant Karl Steenepoorte and Cadet Airman Alec Tuchscherer – Cisco Team.

The Fox Cities Composite Squadron CyberPatriot team is preparing for the first round of actual competition in November, and we hope to do well this year. The technical knowledge of our team is well rounded; with some brand new to CyberPatriot and system security and some who are more experienced. We are excited to see how our team places this year! Stay tuned for team updates!

For more information on CyberPatriot visit: http://ae.capmembers.com/programs/cyberpatriot/ or https://www.uscyberpatriot.org/home.

Article written by: C/CMSgt Steenepoorte

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